Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Solar lighting for girls in Liberia

Having viewed a solar desk light we took with us to Liberia, ZOA Refugee Care expressed an interest in using solar lighting to help girls in Liberia.

Many girls do their homework on the streets of Monrovia at night, using the street lights for illumination. Unfortunately, this often means that they are exposed to sexual exploitation and rape. ZOA Refugee Care has asked Mineke Foundation to look into the possibilities solar lighting can offer in this regard.

Solar lighting fits in with the Foundation's philosophy and plans.
Our philosophy entails a minimum of charity as we feel that charity and gifts increase people's dependence on (foreign) aid rather than encourage self reliance. This means that we believe that the idea of solar lighting should be explored through a form of (social) entrepreneurship.

Mineke Foundation would like to come into contact with
individuals or organisations who have concrete experience working in Africa or other post-war developing nations, and who would be willing to explore this concept further.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

LSGCE to carry out community survey

Mineke Foundation has asked ZOA Refugee Care Liberia to advise on the profiling of the Dabwe Town Community. ZOA Refugee Care has contracted the Liberian Study Group and Community Empowerment (LSGCE), a local NGO, to carry out the profiling.

The Dabwe Town profile will include the following information:
  • History
  • Physical infrastructure
  • Socio-cultural sector
  • Economic sector
  • Institutional sector
  • Inventory of environmental resources sector
  • Crosscutting/governance issues
Results are expected by the 15th of December and will provide input for a project document that will form the basis for our Liberian projects.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Fundraising has started

Mineke Foundation has started fundraising for the renovation of Damiefa School, school supplies, and teachers' salaries. Our total estimate is US$ 70 000 (approximately € 47 000). Your donation is most welcome.

Funds may be transferred to our ING Bank account number 481.6154, beneficiary: Mineke Foundation.
For international visitors: IBAN NL60INGB0004816154 and BIC INGBNL2A.

If you so desire, you may label your funds (i.e. for the renovation, supplies or salaries). In that case, we ask that you add the name of the project you wish to support in the comments area when making the transfer.

Cost estimates for projects added

Cost estimates for 3 of the 4 projects Mineke Foundation will be undertaking in 2009/2010 have been added to the site. See our project pages for more information.

Project descriptions added

Detailed descriptions of the 4 projects Mineke Foundation hopes to start and complete in 2010 have been added to the site. Take a look at our plans for renovating and equipping Damiefa School, providing decent salaries for teachers, and a school gardening project that will involve the entire Dabwe Town community. View projects.